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10 Easiest Ways to Manage Your Household Expenses

If we got a dollar for every time, we said, “I’m going to start saving from tomorrow,” we’d have quite the dough. But usually, it feels like there’s just nothing you can cut down more on.

So we went looking for answers from a wider audience. Ranker’s poll on easy to cut off expenses has revealed these ten spots that really do seem practical if you want to get on track with your budget.

tomertu/Shutterstock: Cutting off expenses

Lottery Tickets

You never seem to win, but you still keep buying. Maybe if you consider putting that dollar in a till it’ll finally be worthwhile.

ATM Fees

Every time you use an external bank’s ATM, you’re paying an average $4.69 fee. Considering how often we pop that card in the machine, that’s a considerable cost for nothing. So make sure it’s your bank’s ATM. And let’s not forget that debit card purchases are easier.

Coffee Shops

It seems like no one has a good old cuppa joe at home anymore. Cut the expensive hard-to-pronounce brews from your daily budget, and you’ll see how much you’ve been spending on coffee alone.


When did buying cancer become cool? If you honestly don’t care about the health implications, think of the cost. On an average, a person (the one who smokes obviously) will spend $1 million on cigarettes over a lifetime! So it seems like it really is time to quit.


Hand care isn’t hard to do at home with so many DIY manicure tutorials online. Buy a good quality manicure set and nail lacquers instead of spending much more on the service. Limit the salon trips to significant times, like weddings and other special functions.

Dining out

djile/Shutterstock: Avoid dining out frequently

Start cooking more, and you’ll find yourself becoming healthier too. But if the change is too drastic, start with preparing a few meals every week.

Insta-foodie Foods

Trim down on your fancy Instagram-able food dishes, and see how much you save. The only thing you’ll lose isinches off your waist.

Gym Membership Giving another thought to buying a gym membership

Unless you train super hard and are a gym-junkie, you probably don’t need that pricey gym membership. Either switch to a cheaper one or start that morning jog you’ve been planning to do.

Brand-Name Prescription Drugs

Branded drugs are 66% more expensive than generic drugs that work just as well!A cure doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

Personal Web Domains

Do you really need that domain on ‘’? Is it cool? Yes. But is it necessary? Absolutely not!

We bet there were at least a few on this list, that made you go “that’s something I can cut down on.” So start saving now – it’s better late than never!

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