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How Is Market Collapse Related To Monopolies?

A market failure is said to occur when the trade is not successful enough to create net profit and rather gives net loss due to inefficiency, drastically affecting the economy in the long term; resulting in a setback in the country.

Now, the question occurs – how does sole ownership market structure cause economic setbacks?

Anna Nekrashevich /Pexels | Stability in the market is what brings success.

What is Monopoly?

To understand how it can be disadvantageous in the market, a person must know about monopoly first. It is a type of market formation where a singular entity controls or owns the market of a selected good/facility, the supplier is the one who decides the rates of the commodity, and he is the one who decides when to create insufficiency.

If, let’s say, the product or facility he provides is a need for the people, then the demand remains solid, also known as inelastic. When the demand for a product supplied by the firm is inelastic, it uses this to its benefit as much as possible because the buyers will have no choice but to buy from this firm even if the price levels touch the sky or even if the quality of the product is reduced.

Pixabay /Pexels | Meta Technology Company, the owner of Facebook, is a live example of a monopoly.

How Is It A Source To The Down Fall Of The Market

General balance in the economy occurs as the product request corresponds with the production. However, the monopolists creating fake scarcity for their own profit create a hullabaloo in the place, creating a negative impact on the economy.

Secondly, an oligopoly is a market structure where more than one seller is permitted to supply his commodities or services. In oligopolies, there is a severe chance of a price war between the companies as the companies wish to dominate over the other in the case that their production costs are lower than the other. In a monopoly, the total opposite happens; canceling out a chance to experience healthy competition in the market, allowing only one firm to supply and gain profit.

Moreover, when there is a singular seller of something, knowing he has his place in the market that cannot be taken over, the sellers at times not only increase the rates of the products they are selling but also diminish the quality of the product as well, making the most of the helplessness of the buyers and saving up as much cost as they can.

Tima Miroshnichenko/ Pexels | Economic distress caused by giving the power in one hand.

According to neoclassical theory, market failure occurs when the control is in counted hands, ending the chances of perfect competition.

Counter Opinion

While half of the economists blame monopoly for market failure, the latter half think otherwise, challenging the authenticity and practicality of the theory, as economics being a practical study, cannot believe the unseen. The latter half of the economists believe that if a monopoly creates problems in trade, it is because of those monopolies which are under the supervision of the government.

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