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Surviving The Recession? Don’t Save – Instead Invest In 3 Recession-Proof Businesses

When billionaires like Jeff Bezos start telling you to hold onto your money, then you best believe that something big is coming up – and it won’t be pleasant! The Amazon founder and executive chairman opened up about the economic situation in a CNN interview wherein he stated that the economy isn’t looking good and that things are slowing down.

He also commented on the employment situation and mentioned that you will witness mass firings in many industries. This statement from Bezos is a sign for you to start budgeting properly and start saving as much as you can. Bezos even went on to say that if you are looking to buy a new TV, upgrade your car, or a refrigerator, then it’s better if you would rather hold on to your money.

Pixabay/Pexels | Firstly, understand where you can and should invest

If the current economic situation is to worsen, then you know what is about to come—more inflation, increased living costs, and a high unemployment ratio. So, you have to be smart about how you will tackle the situation. Some people would rush to invest, while others would save up their cash.

A recession is always a bad sign for investors, but there are certain businesses that greatly benefit from economic instability or some that are completely untouched, thanks to their nature. If this is something you are interested to know more about, then keep on reading as this article explores three recession-proof sectors.

1. Utilities

This sector is responsible for providing water, natural gas, electricity, and other essential services to residential and commercial areas, which means that there are no buildings that run without it. While nothing is fascinating about the utility sector this is entirely recession-proof since it is a necessity, and people can’t live without water, gas, and electricity. With the winter season approaching, gas will become increasingly important for a home to regulate heat.

Given the nature of the utility sector, investing in stocks has been beneficial in the past, and it is most likely to be beneficial going forward and providing its investors with a reliable dividend.

Kaboompics/Pexels | You might want to start looking into utility stocks now

2. Real Estate

Lastly, you have the real estate sector, which provides a perfect opportunity for a passive income and a highly profitable return. While mortgage rates are at an all-time high, real estate has continued to prove itself as one of the best ways to secure yourself during the recession.

3. Healthcare

The Healthcare sector is the kind of sector that stays on the defensive side mainly because it remains untouched no matter what the economic situation may be. Just like utilities, healthcare is also something that people cannot live without, especially the aging population.

Pixabay/Pexels |With its long-term growth potential, the healthcare sector serves as one of the best to invest in

So, what do you think of these suggestions? Would you invest in these sectors?

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