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Al Pacino’s Kids: Meet the 4 Kids of Hollywood Icon Al Pacino

Al Pacino, the legendary actor, isn’t just a Hollywood icon; he’s also a dedicated father of four. While his career has spanned decades, his personal life has remained private, especially about his children. Let’s delve into the lives of Al Pacino’s kids, from his adult children to his recent arrival with his girlfriend Noor Alfallah.

Al Pacino’s Kids: Julie Pacino

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alpacino.usa | Instagram | Julie Marie Pacino, born in 1989, is the daughter of Al Pacino and acting coach Jan Tarrant.

Julie Marie Pacino, born in 1989, is the eldest of Al Pacino’s kids and the product of his relationship with acting coach Jan Tarrant. Like her father, Julie found her calling in the entertainment industry. She pursued a career in filmmaking and acting, attending the New York Film Academy and harboring a lifelong dream of being part of the movie world.

In 2009, Julie co-founded Poverty Row Entertainment, a production company focusing on themes of gender, sexuality, and their connection to art. This venture wasn’t focused on film; they also produced music videos and commercials. Julie’s passion for storytelling has garnered recognition, with awards like the Venice Shorts Film Festival’s best director title in 2020.

Her drive led her to establish another production company, Tiny Apples, in 2020, aiming to push the boundaries of storytelling through innovative content.

Keeping it Private: Anton Pacino

Anton James Pacino, born in 2001, is one of Pacino’s twins with actress Beverly D’Angelo. Unlike his sister Olivia, Anton prefers a life away from the spotlight. He maintains a low profile, with minimal public appearances and no known social media presence. But, in a 2015 interview, Pacino mentioned how his children, including Anton, had reshaped his perspective. He described a shift from being self-absorbed to appreciating the little things in life, thanks to fatherhood.

Social Butterfly: Olivia Pacino

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olivia.pacino | Instagram | Olivia Rose Pacino, Anton’s twin sister, is active in the social media world.

Olivia Rose Pacino, Anton’s twin sister, embraces the social media world. With a dedicated Instagram following, she shares glimpses of her life. In 2020, she celebrated Father’s Day with a heartwarming post dedicated to Pacino, expressing her gratitude for having him as her best friend.

Another cherished moment captured online was a picture with her family on the Oscars red carpet, a testament to her dreams coming true. In November 2023, Olivia commemorated a five-year milestone with her long-term boyfriend.

Welcoming Baby Roman: A New Chapter

al pacino baby

voguearabia | Instagram | June 2023 brought a memorable moment for Pacino as his son, Roman, arrived with girlfriend Noor Alfallah.

June 2023 marked a significant chapter in Pacino’s life with the arrival of his son, Roman, with his girlfriend Noor Alfallah. News of the pregnancy spread, with a source close to Pacino confirming his excitement about becoming a father again. Alfallah, in a 2024 interview, expressed how Roman exceeded her expectations and spoke about the joys of raising him while blending their respective cultures. While mentioning acting being “in his genes,” Alfallah emphasized that Roman is free to pursue his own passions.

Al Pacino’s journey as a father is a testament to his dedication and love for his children. From his adult children carving their paths to the recent arrival of baby Roman, Pacino’s family continues to grow and evolve.

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