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“Blacklisted:” Who Can NOT Own a Ferrari?

Ferrari takes the rules and regulations of owning one of their prestigious cars extremely seriously. To ensure that only the most suitable of customers are able to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, there are several factors that may result in a person being blacklisted from ownership.

Gabe / Pexels / Ferrari is so picky that it dictates who can own a Ferrari and who can not.

If you do not qualify for the ownership of a Ferrari, then you may find yourself blacklisted from the brand. Here are just some of the examples of people who may be ineligible to own a Ferrari:

  • Anyone with a criminal record.
  • People who use their vehicles for illegal activities such as street racing.
  • Anyone with financial problems.

In addition, Ferrari also has several eligibility criteria for those who wish to purchase one of their cars.

Common Reasons for Blacklisting

Some of the common reasons why someone may be blacklisted from owning or purchasing a Ferrari include:

  • Poor driving record.
  • Failing to meet minimum financial requirements.
  • Not meeting financial obligations or purchasing requirements, such as having less-than-ideal credit scores or not being able to afford an agreed-upon down payment.

Dante / Pexels / If you do not comply with the criteria of Ferrari, you can not own one. No matter how famous or rich you are.

  • Misusing or damaging a rental vehicle, resulting in repair costs that exceed the original rental cost
  • Failing to comply with Ferrari’s safety standards or warranty agreements
  • Engaging in aggressive driving habits while operating a rented Ferrari
  • Having a history of repeated traffic violations or reckless driving.

Thus, it is important to maintain a clean driving record, pay bills on time and have the ability to meet financial obligations in order to qualify for renting a Ferrari. Additionally, there may be additional requirements set by the rental company that you must fulfill before being allowed to rent a Ferrari.

Penalties for Being Blacklisted by Ferrari

If a person is blacklisted from owning a Ferrari, they will not be able to purchase or rent any models produced by the company in the future. Additionally, depending on the severity of their actions that led to blacklisting, they may face further penalties.

Some of them are:

  • Having their previously purchased Ferrari repossessed
  • Paying additional fines in addition to any incurred damage costs
  • Being barred from renting vehicles from other companies affiliated with Ferrari.

CGTN / If you are blacklisted by Ferrari, you can not own it. Even if you are Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Thus, it is clear that becoming blacklisted by Ferrari is not worth it and comes with severe consequences. If you are considering purchasing one of their cars, make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations to ensure that your Ferrari ownership dreams remain a reality.

Get Behind the Wheel of Your Dream Car

Owning a Ferrari is an incredible privilege and one that comes with great responsibility. By following the company’s rules and regulations, you can be sure that you will never be blacklisted from owning one of their amazing vehicles.

With proper care and respect for your dream car, you can enjoy many years of luxury motoring. Something that only a few lucky individuals ever get to experience.

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