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The Royal Family’s Fan Moment of the Year: The Kensington Palace Exhibit Features Royal Family’s Historic Fan Photos

Earlier this month, the palace asked the public to send out fan photos of the royal family. They had the intention of featuring those fan photos in the palace exhibit called “Life Through A Royal Lens” later on.

While hearing the announcement, fans from across the globe bombarded the royal family with historic snaps of the royal family. Here are the shortlisted fan photos that will be exhibited in the palace’s Life Through A Royal Lens collection.

  1. Historic Snap of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth in the 1980s

The News International / Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip snapped 42 years ago in London.

“I vividly remember the day – 42 years ago – when I and my boyfriend ended up in watching the Badminton Horse Trials as American teenagers,” the photographer recalls. She goes on to say “as we were enjoying the horse trials in London, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip caught our eyes. It was one of the finest moments of my life.”

2. A Post-Wedding Snap of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011

Another royal fan from Hastings, named Jonathan, shares a wholesome snap of Prince William and Kate Middleton as they show up on the Buckingham Palace balcony after their wedding.

“I was in the crowd desperately trying to behold the newly-wed royal couples,” Jonathan recalls. He goes on to say “I captured this photo to preserve the ecstasy of the moment that will go down in history.”

3. Princess Diana in 1994

The News International / A 26 years old black and white photo of Queen Elizabeth will be displayed in Kensington palace.

A black and white picture of Princess Diana in 1994, from George, strikes with yet another historic royal moment. The resident of Kensington had caught Dianna on camera when she was visiting Marylebone for the West London Methodist Mission.

4. Queen Elizabeth in 2008

The News International / A snap of Queen Elizabeth from the car window will be “a wholesome addition” to the Life Through A Royal Lens exhibition.

A Maidenhead resident, Mike, steals the show with his stunning snap of Queen Elizabeth from the car window. The photographer recalls that it was the time when French President Sarkozy was paying an official visit to London. “I was so eager to catch the eye of Queen Elizabeth, and it was one of the wholesome moments of my life,” Mike asserts.

5. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth in 1957

The News International / “Life Through A Royal Lens” will also exhibit a black and white photo of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth that dates back to 1957.

An enthusiastic photographer Denis’s daughter Diana shares a striking picture of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip during their 1957 visit to Sturbridge.

“My father was an award-winning photographer, and he died in 1968,” captions the daughter of the deceased photographer. She goes on to say “He was an aspiring photographer and he snapped this picture in 1957 during the royals tour to West Midland.”

6. A Photo of Smiling Queen Elizabeth in 1989

King’s Lynn resident Edward submits a historic snap of Queen Elizabeth, smiling at a Flower Show in 1989. “My late uncle snapped Queen Elizabeth as she was enjoying the moment in the Flower Show,” Edward suggests. He goes on to say “we are beyond thrilled to have the pictures of our late uncle – who died in November 2021 – to be displayed in the royal exhibit.”

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