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Checkout These Luxurious & Swanky Wheels Our Favorite British Stars Are Riding In!

Robert Pattinson – Porsche Boxster, $59K

The young career of Robert Pattinson took off when he played ‘Edward Cullen’ in the ‘Twilight’ saga. Robert’s career has matured now, and he’s famous for his role in ‘Tenet.’ His wealth allowed him to get a Porsche Boxster, which he drives when he’s not riding his Chevrolet Silverado.

The Boxster is an excellent fit for the young actor who has a skyrocketing career ahead of him. Thanks to its aerodynamic design and 427 Kw engine, it’s a fast car that gets from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 320km/h. It also has an athletic design that matches the actor’s style like a glove.

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